Ed Charly – The Perfect Minimalist Wallet

Ed Charly is a team of passionate product designers who designed minimalist lifestyle products that suits your everyday needs. With the success of their first kickstarter campaign: Ed – The Perfect Minimalist wallet which has funded over 250% at popular crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. Since then it has created a lot of awareness for them, it has been widely talked about. It’s first kickstarter campaign, featuring premium material such as the crazy horse leather, and full grain leather. With that, the Ed wallet features a coin slot compartment for your coins, a unique quick access slot for your frequently used card by sliding it out with your thumb. Mostly importantly, it uses RFID blocking fabric allowing you to go about your day with peace of mind knowing your digital information is safe.

Moving forward, with the success of their first campaign, they have recently launched their second kickstarter project on May 2018 and have successfully funded over 125%. It is inspired by the first project kickstarter backer’s suggestions and idea, the second project: The ideal slim minimalist wallet was created to be a slimmer wallet of the first project: Ed. It does come in premium crazy horse leather and the full grain leather. The new wallet is designed to be smaller, slimmer than and as functional as the first wallet, giving it a slimmer look with the same function.

With two successful campaigns, the team from Ed Charly are looking forward in the future to continue to create more meaningful, functional minimalist products for your everyday carry.

Visit Now : https://edcharly.com

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