Kats Heads And Tails

Kats heads and tails create a unique range of pieces as well as popular trending designs. We are also getting asked more and more to work with customizing Merchandise. So we have a great diverse selection of products for everyone to enjoy. I am a jeweler by trade and believe in the amazing properties Natural Gemstones offer.

That is why we have made a wonderful selection of Ying Yu Jade Anti Aging Rollers and The Agate Roller as well as Agate Coasters. We also have a wonderful range of Denim Distressed Baseball Caps and Hand Crocheted Mermaid Tails and some adorable Baby Mermaid Tail Swaddle Blankets. Custom Can Coolers full color printed for any event, wedding favors, business and custom reusable Bags.

Buy Now : etsy.com/shop/KatsHeadsandTails

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