Hairs are very important part of the body. Hairs on your top make half of your appearance. Just like these hairs, hairs on your face also plays an important role in looking good. It can totally change the way you look. These days, facial hairs are gaining huge popularity among men. It is one of the manliest things a man can have. It makes you look more attractive to women. Every other man has a beard at this time. Men without any hairs on their face may look attractive, but they don’t have the manliness which beard brings on their looks. Growing your beard can be fun, although keeping those big hairs on your face isn’t an easy job. You have to take care and maintain them in order to keep them healthy and style them as you want. So this article today is about Beard Care and maintenance. This will give you the points that you have to follow to make your beard look healthy and good.


1) PRODUCTS TO APPLY ON BEARD – There are basically three products that everyone usually applies on beard.

These are

  1. i) BEARD OIL

 – Beard oils have huge attention nowadays. Beard oils basically have jojoba oil in it as it is really good for the hairs and skin too. Beard oils help in nourishing, moisturizing your facial hairs and the skin under those hairs too. It softens the hairs and makes it look shiny and can also work a bit like a styling agent too. These are not expensive and can be used by anyone resulting in a healthy beard which catches others’ attraction. These come in different scents too which are very pleasant.ii) BEARD WAXES – Although beard oils may also work as a styling agent, they will not work that good if you compare it with an actual styling agent – beard wax. Beard waxes are widely used because it keeps your beard still and protects it from rain too. Unlike hair waxes which can be harmful to hairs sometimes, beard waxes don’t make any harm. They make your beard look strong and lively.iii) BEARD BALMS – Beard Balms are like a mixture of beard oil and wax. These contain properties of both and also comes in different scents too. Balms are preferably used by men with short beards as it cannot hold the longer ones properly.


– Using a beard comb can be really effective. It also prevents the ingrown hairs. Beard Combs should be used everyday only a couple of times. This will take away the dust and food particles that stick on your face and makes your facial hairs dirty. A beard comb is not like a normal comb and therefore, you should not use a normal comb on the beard.


– Mostly, men with short or medium sized beard are considered attractive by women around the world. So, a trimmer is very important to look good. Razors can be horrible and dangerous if not used with proper handling, whereas trimmers do not cause cuts and bumps which a razor can do. That’s why trimmers are far better than a razor and a little bit more expensive than razors too but, safety first!


 – If you have a long beard, you may need to wash it on time to ensure that it doesn’t get dirty and dusty. But washing it on a regular basis is not recommended because just like hairs on the top, hairs on your face also should be washed 2-3 times a week or it can damage the hairs. Use a gentle soap or shampoo to wash it.


 # Do beard oils prevents itchiness on my beard?

  1. i) Of course, it will. It has many essential oils and carriers for skin and beard.

  1. ii) Will beard waxes make my beard white like hair waxes?

     ii) No. Beard waxes are different. They whiten the hairs on your face. Can I use beard balms    for styling?

         iii) Not exactly. They can be used for styling of smaller beards though.

These were the tips and tricks that can help you in taking care of your beard and making it more attractive to women. Remember that an abrasive, shaggy and dusty looking beard is never considered attractive so take care of your beard like you take care of the rest of your body. Imagine someone with nice clothes, nice face and with a nice hairstyle too, but his beard is looking like a porcupine or a bush. Do you think that anyone would like to date such a guy? Your obvious answer is a clear “No!”. Some people say that stubble looks good, not those 5-6 inches long beards and some says just the opposite but the truth is that no matter whether those facial hairs are long or short, if they are dirty, not maintained and not styled properly, they ARE going to look bad. So keep these things in mind or you may get rejected for a date which is real disappointing indeed. Don’t make yourself look like an idiot, follow these tips and live confident.

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