6 Most Common Mistakes Made While Choosing Men’s Belt

Wearing belt is kind of compulsory for men’s fashion in daily routine. Although choosing a quality belt is very much important but there are some other thing which one should kept in mind while selecting the belt. You can easily choose the right belt if you follow instructions given by men stylist. Here we are going to discuss some most commonly committed mistakes with belt wear.

Style of Belt According to Occasion

It has been seen that sometimes men did not take care of which type of belt they should wear with their formal and casual dressing. They use same belt for both occasion wear. This makes the disaster in men’s fashion. First thing you must have different belts for both formal and casual dressing. For formal dressing like dress pants, suits for your office, you should use narrow belt. The maximum width must not increases from 1.25 inches. For casual occasion you should wear wider belts with your denim jeans or cargo pants and shorts. For casual the more wider the better. However use minimum of 1.5 inches wider belt for casual wear.

Length of belt

Some people did not take care of their belt size as they are purchasing online. While you shop online, you must know your exact belt size, there are two thought on size of belt, one, the belt size must be 2 inch longer than your pant / jeans size, Secondly, the majority of belts come up with 5 holes, so you must purchase the belt that you are able to tighten up in the middle hole (the 3rd hole). It will give you a perfect look, and will not cause any length issues.

Colour of belt

According to men’s fashion stylist the colour of belt must match the colour of the shoes worn. This is the most common rule which is followed by majority of stylist. So some people wear the belt that didn’t match with their shoe’s colour and did not complement their overall personality. Try to have 3-5 most common colour belts, the colours that are mostly wear. In your wardrobe, you must have a black or brown colour belt as most of the time people wear black and brown shoes. Other than that black colour belt can also be worn with any other colour of dressing and shoes.

Belt Buckle

The belt buckle colour and material matches the colour and material of accessories your worn will show your fashion sense. However majority of times, it is not possible to match the buckle material with accessories material, so you can be lenient in this rule. But matching the colour will give you a good look.

Material of Belt

As this guide is all about choosing the best men’s belt for jeans and dress pant, so we have to discuss the material of belt as well. Well it is better to choose the high quality full grain leather belt, but world doesn’t end here, you can choose variety of material as per your ease and requirements of occasion. You can also follow the one rule that choose the same material as of your shoes. Means match the material of belt with the material of shoes. Following this rule will give you variety of options to choose.

Glued and Stitched Belts

Now talk about glued belts and stitched belts. Both are commonly used and equally popular but in our opinion, stitched belts are better as they are more durable then the glued belts. As after some time of usage, glued belts separated from the centre and divided into two pieces aside, so we have seen stitched belts much better than glued belt. Other than this issue, you can choose both belts depending on occasion. Try to use stitched belt in your daily routine.

Follow this simple guide while selecting the belt for any occasion. Following these few points will help you in selecting the best belt for you and you will be saved from any men’s fashion disaster.

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