How To Maintain A Brilliant Beard

Man has evolved and changed over the years, but they have also, in many ways stayed the same. Instead of using the club to find and keep their mate, men now have fast cars, Tinder and beards to attract the perfect partner. The desire to find a mate is still very much a priority for most men. Because we no longer live in caves in the middle of nowhere, grooming and its associated activities has become an important part of the daily activities of men the world over.

Growing a beard has become somewhat of an art and the beard grooming industry is booming with products and tools available to help men create the perfect beard. A good healthy beard can be used as a way to attract the perfect partner, but an unkempt beard will, without a doubt deter all possible mates.

If your beard is looking a little unattractive or if you are wanting to start growing one, you need to follow these 8 steps to make sure that when you head out, you are putting the best beard forward!

Step One: Wash your beard, wash it often

Sounds like something people should know, right? Wrong! Your beard is no different from the hair on your head, it needs to be cleaned regularly. You don’t need any fancy products to do this, you can use your normal shampoo to wash your beard while you are in the shower. Your beard is under your mouth, so food and other bits of dirt and grime collect in your beard, so you need to clean it out regularly.

Step Two: Get a lather going and wash it properly

You can’t just squeeze some shampoo into your beard and hope all the germs and dirt disappear. You need to actually lather it up and make sure you wash out all the dirt properly. Again, this does sound like common sense, but many men take it for granted, resulting in a dry, unhealthy looking beard.

Step Three: Hydrate your beard

Washing your beard does strip it of nutrients and other oils your hair produces which can leave the hair in your beard looking dry, brittle and unappealing. The good news is that there are beard oils available that have been carefully designed to help you hydrate your beard and make it look shiny and desirable. Use them! These oils will add moisture back to your beard, they will make the hair look healthy and help you to style the beard.

Step Four: Style like a pro

When you are getting ready each day you probably spend a little time styling your hair, correct? Even if it is just pulling a comb through it. So why wouldn’t you do the same to your beard? People will probably notice your beard before they notice your hairstyle, so make an effort to style your beard properly. Invest in the right tools, get some styling products like beard wax and balm and make the time to craft the perfect looking beard. You won’t be sorry you made the effort, trust us.

Infographic by All Things Hair

Step Five: Remember the ‘stash

Don’t forget about your moustache! It needs to be washed regularly and styled as much as your beard does. No one is going to want to kiss you if your moustache is looking dirty or grimy.

Step Six: Trim it regularly

Trimming both your beard and moustache regularly really isn’t negotiable. Even if you are trying to grow your beard, trimming is essential. It removes split ends, stray hairs and can help to encourage the hair to grow faster. You can do this yourself with a proper pair of scissors or trimmers or you can get a professional to help you out. Either way, this is not a step you want to miss. It helps to complete your overall look and gives people the impression that taking care of yourself is important.

Step Seven: Think about the style of beard you want

Not everyone can pull off wearing a beard, if you are one of those men who can’t, rather accept that and work with what you do have. If you are going ahead with growing a beard, pick a style that works for your face shape. Again, the same rules apply as when getting a new haircut. You can’t change your face to suit a certain style, so don’t even try. Find a style that will compliment your features and bring out the best in you.

Step Eight: Finally, have patience

Wanting a beard, does not magically make a beard appear. It takes time to grow and then takes more time and effort to style and maintain your beard. Don’t give up! Have patience, follow a proper beard care routine and the results will speak for themselves.

A beard is one of the first things people will notice about you. It is important then to make sure that they notice it for all the right reasons. You could be the nicest guy but if your beard is dirty, if it smells or if it has stuff falling out, people aren’t going to remember you were a nice guy, but they will remember the dirty beard.

You need to accept that a beard comes with maintenance can care. If you don’t have the time for that, don’t grow a beard, it is that simple.


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