3 Tips For Safely Storing Your Off-Season Clothes

With changes in the weather on their way in many parts of the world, it’s quickly becoming time to put away your summer clothes and start breaking out your warmer, winter clothes. But to ensure that your summer clothes will be ready for wear again once the weather starts warming up, it’s crucial that you know the right way to store clothing items.

To show you how this can and should be done, here are three tips for safely storing your off-season clothing.


Choose The Right Storage Area

The first thing you’re going to want to figure out when thinking about storing off-season clothing is where the best storage area will be. According to Sarah Aguirre, a contributor to The Spruce, what you really want to find is a place that’s dark, cool, dry, and clean.

Depending on your personal situation, the actual space you choose will vary. For some, a closet might be the best option. For others, you might choose your attic or basement. What’s most important is that you’re able to keep the above-mentioned conditions as stable as possible. So if you do choose to store your clothes in some place like a garage, make sure you keep your garage door closed as much as possible and keep that area as clean as you can.


Use Plastic Boxes Over Other Materials

Now that you know where you’re going to be storing your clothes, it’s time to find the right things to store your clothes in.

According to GoodHousekeeping.com, the best materials to use when storing your clothes are plastic boxes. If you choose to use wood, paper, or cardboard boxes, you won’t have as much protection for your clothing items. Things like pests, moisture, and chemicals can easily get into these other materials. So if you’re wanting to ensure that your clothes will be safe when they’re stored away, make sure you use plastic storage containers.


Make Sure Your Clothes Are Clean

With everything ready for your clothes to go into storage, you now just have to pick which clothes you’re ready to put away and stow them in your chosen storage containers. But before you do this, it’s crucial that you ensure that your clothes are completely clean before packing them away.

  1. Lacoma, a contributor to FamilyHandyman.com, shares that if your clothes aren’t clean, they could become ruined as they sit in storage, either due to deterioration or being attractive to things like bugs or other pests. So to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, make sure you only store clothes that you’ve been able to wash beforehand.

If you’re ready to store some of your off-season clothes, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do so safely.

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