LUNA13-Black Metal Fashion

Hell yeah new LUNA13!

Anyone familiar with with the dark underground scene in Hollywood CA knows Cleopatra Record’s LUNA13 was one of the first bands promoting the next wave of Dark Witchcraft to the underground scene starting back in 2015. LUNA13 is partly involved in an explosion of the occult and dark art merging in music and their latest release helped validate them in the black metal community.

Their production quality has noticeably gone up and their commitment to making atrociously tasty electro-black metal has stayed the same. And that’s where, in my mind, this album excels. LUNA13 know where they come from and continue to channel their roots.

Standout tracks include Serpent, Evil Loves, Blood Bath and the track Leviathan. I have to say that Blood Bath is one of my favorite electro/black metal epics of all time. I have found myself listening over and over, screaming along like a f**king moron in my car in the way to work. Lilith Bathory has such an awesome black metal screech and their sound is HAF and very fresh. One of the more eccentric acts out there. Not for the fearful, Wicked Gods gets 9/10 stars.


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