Same picture! Same Bag design!

This is not the first time I am making a review of one their hermes replica and this certainly will not be the last. My sister is a fan of their website.

Her bag collection has everything you can think of when it comes to Hermes and it is all from their store. I needed to buy something good for my mother for her birthday and while I was window shopping, I saw this beautiful bag. ?I came across the hermes evelyn III Feu original clemence Bag with silver hardware. Perfection is the right word to describe it. Not every vendor is able to provide the exact picture quality, description and even colour scheme that they push out on their websites, but they did everything and more. I have ordered from them before, no doubt but I was a bit scared because this was a gift for my mother. She likes Orange and had a particular shoe to go with it and I thought this would be perfect. I was not disappointed. I was sent the texture of the bag I was about to order and it came back quick. I was also sent pre shipment pictures after my bag had being made and they made it everything I hoped and expected it to be.

My mother loves it and she keeps telling everyone her daughter got it for her. The shipping came in really fast and? it did not take too long for it to be ordered. I was guaranteed about the colour and I am happy I was not disappointed. It is soft. The finishing is beautiful.

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