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Scribbled Napkin Design is the business name for freelance graphic designer, Lindsay Jacobson. Lindsay opened her shop in 2012 as an experiment and creative outlet for her designs. Lindsay has a background in graphic design and after working years as an employee, she had a dream of fleeing the corporate world to be a solopreneur.

Her experiment with opening an Etsy shop proved more successful than she initially thought allowing Lindsay to leave the corporate world and work as a full-time freelancer and Etsy shop owner.

Lindsay loves the people she gets to work with through Etsy and is so grateful to each person who supports Scribbled Napkin Design. She loves writing and designing resumes that will help her clients find more enjoyable and valuable careers. Through her personal career journey, she feels compelled to help others take ownership of their life and chase what makes their own heart happy, because no one should go through life feeling stuck and miserable in a job they hate!

Through resume writing, designing resume templates, and offering helpful career tips, she hopes that she can help improve someone else’s life, even if it is in the smallest detail.

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