Snake & Cake

To explain Snake & Cake, we need to tell you a story. It’s something we overheard in a train once in the UK, a grandma explaining life to a six-year-old:

There are two things we all need in life. The first one is purpose: the will to do good, and the determination to make your dreams happen. This is called “snake”, because snake symbolises the creative life force that’s in all of us. And because snakes are cool, you can’t argue with that.

The second one is joy: the ability to laugh when shit happens, and the attitude of not taking things too seriously. This is called “cake”, since cake symbolises celebrating life and the good things around you. And also because cake is fucking awesome.

This fantastic life philosophy was at the root of everything, when we founded Snake & Cake in the Spring of 2019. We wanted to create something that would bring some joy to the world and encourage women (and everyone else for that matter!) to express themselves by making everyday jewellery powerful and super-light at the same time.

Snake and Cake’s secret is in the special type of soft and allergy-friendly silicone: it makes the jewellery feel super good against your skin and is mega light, flexible and durable. With Snake & Cake there’s nothing holding us back, no matter how big statements we want to wear, and how far we want to go in life.

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