SOLOSOCKS ! No Pairs -Just Solos

SOLOSOCKStm is a trademarked socks concept created to solve the problem of pairing and wasting socks anytime one of the pairs is lost. The idea is to create a collection or varieties of socks that can be worn without pairs; you don’t necessarily need to have a complete pair before you can wear the socks.

 The package contains 7×1 single socks that can all be mixed, matched and the beauty is never lost. This means that if you lose a sock you don’t have to throw another out, you can easily pick another that fits perfectly well with it from the package.

The packaging becomes a unique and beautiful reusable storage box. It is made of recyclable and biodegradable material and can be placed in a drawer.

The socks are made of high quality material and this gives them the longevity they have. With these solo socks, the money you spend on buying socks every time is reduced, not only that but solo socks also help to reduce waste. After laundry, you don’t need to keep on searching every corner for the other pair of the socks before you wear them, SOLOSOCKStm has got that covered for you. In a case where one of the solos seven is lost, you can still continue using the remaining six

Then your next question might probably be who can use solo socks?

Well, that is a very good question. Solo socks are not limited to a particular gender or age, everybody can use them.They  have different sizes; some are for children while some are for adults. You do not need to worry if your kids can use them.

Their adults’ collection is inspired by the Danish Copenhagen-ish style, Jacobsen which is inspired by famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, Wegner which is inspired by the famous Danish architect Hans J Wegner, and Klint which is inspired by the famous Danish architect Kaare Klint. And for kids’ collection, they are inspired by Van Dyke and it comes in azure, citrine and silver designs. The Holscher comes in turquoize, azure and indigo designs. The Wilhelm is in verdant, silver and azure designs.

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