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Enjoy fresh fruit juice on the GO!
>>>>This 380ml Portable and Rechargeable USB Electric Juicer Bottle Blender doubles as a juicer and bottle.
You can now make a smoothie wherever you go, a perfect gift for friends and family! <<<<
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Now, you can nourish your bodies with the essential nutrients that ensure natural loss of excess body weights/excess fats, and Gain laser focused drive and creativity. with the all new portable rechargable smoothie maker/blender.
Here’s why
1. Its portable – so you can carry it around in a small handbag, briefcase, fitness pack etc
2. Its rechargeable so no running around loking for power source.
3. Its fast with sharp teeth, make your smoothies in a flash.One minute and you got your creamy delicious smoothies.
4 Easy to clean and maintain, Just add some clean water and turn it on and the glass will be sparkling clean in seconds. You can act like it never happened.
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