Winter jackets: testing Lapasa Women’s Down Jacket Coat

The clothing marketplace is a vast and confusing place, and the level of quality and the price disparities can be overwhelming to a girl looking to update her wardrobe. Today we discover the Canadian brand Lapasa

Lapasa is for those who like to keep up with the times, and who like to try fresh and good quality clothing with a good price. Affordability means financial accessibility, Lapasa is a brand that make everyone and everything smile, including our wallet. This Canadian brand is really good at reaching and interacting with their target audience and giving them what they want at the blink of an eye. We have known already Lapasa for their yoga and sport clothes but now the brand is expanding and adding several new lifestyle items to their collection. In particular, we had the chance to receive the Lapasa Women’s Down Jacket Coat.  If you’re looking to make your travels in the bitter weather easier with a jacket that is more practical and simple, this is a durable and quality made coat for all occasions. It keeps your heat in, and it has deep pockets both on the inside and outside. Whether you’re a lover of the season or cringe at the thought of yet another snow-filled year, choosing the right coat is key to a cozy winter. The price is really affordable, 29.99$ and it comes in different colors, black, blue, navy and burgundy. Take a look at the picture below for the technical information about the jacket. Sincerely? Can’t beat the price and also the product quality is awesome. For only this month if you purchase the jacket with the code CNFMAG08 you’ll receive 10% discount on your order.

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