Marina Zoreva: An Acting Journey

Marina Zoreva’s journey as an artist began as a schoolgirl in Russia and continues as an actress in Los Angeles. Born in Siberia, Marina was inspired by the actors on the movie screen. Since elementary school, she has been seduced by the acting bug, using every opportunity to perform.

“My first time performing was singing in an ensemble of girls. We were doing a small play for English class about a bubble making friends, and I got the lead role.”

Marina’s formal training began under the mentorship of Sergei Afanasyev – a famous Russian director and theatre founder. At the time, Marina was studying for a degree in international business. However, her true passion was performing, and that passion led her to the Hollywood.  In Los Angeles, Marina studied at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre. A proud alumna of this school, Marina was trained in voice, movement, improv, Shakespeare, Chekhov techniques.

Marina’s is a true thespian, always wanting to improve her craft and stretch her comfort zone. An avid performer in the theatre, Marina’s credits include, Romeo and Juliet, in the role of Mercutio, Arcadia in the role of Lady Croom), and Still Life, in the role of Joanne. Marina’s blossoming film career includes featured and leading roles in Hugrakkur (Brave), Meeting Mr. Abbadon, and Repeat.

Marina’s first introduction to the movies was watching Gary Oldman films. Now living in Los Angeles, she plans for the opportunity to work with him and other acting legends and role models like, fellow Stella Adler graduate, Mark Ruffalo.

From Siberia, to a theatre in Novosibirsk, to the Stella Adler stage in Los Angeles, to the Hollywood big screen, Marina Zoreva’s dreams of performing have come true. The future will showcase her interest in the film industry.



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