Nichole Ruiz Filmmaking With Power, Purpose And Passion

The filmmaking of Nichole Ruiz is powerful and her storytelling is a statement. There is an agenda to Nichole’s style of filmmaking – it’s goal is the purpose to raise awareness and resonate with audiences about the societal challenges of the day. Politics, mental health, and the civil rights of the LGBTQ+ community are the voice and narrative of Nichole Ruiz’s filmmaking.

The films, ‘You’, ‘Unspeakable’ and the upcoming web series. ‘Bombshell’, reflect her passion and determination to tell relevant stories that matter. Written and directed by Ruiz, ‘You’ explores a young woman’s reveal to her parents about her sexuality through the gallery opening. The lead character of Samantha has kept her sexuality from her parents and upon attending the show, they are confronted with the truth. All the while, Samantha struggles to keep her composure and entertain her guest with her girlfriend at her side. “Somebody who watched my film, told me a scene resonated with them or they felt what the characters were feeling and that’s how I know I did my job. I stirred up something inside of them, that’s how I feel when I’m watching a film that means something to me.” As a cinematographer, Nichole collaborated on the film, “Unspeakable”. The film portrays a social worker’s fight to save a boy being abused and sexually harassed by his mother. The new comedic web series “Bombshell”, begins production March of 2019. The film centers around the adventures of a trans/gay character in Los Angeles.

Nichole Ruiz’s art and filmmaking is designed to discuss issues she cares about and material that inspires her to raise awareness. “It’s very important to me that when I’m creating something, I’m creating content that matters, something that affects people’s lives after they’ve seen it.”

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