SXSW Festival World Debut of Toronto Rapper Shah

Details have started to emerge regarding surprise acts slated to appear at 2017’s SXSW Music Festival. One noteworthy addition trending on social media this week is the festival debut of Toronto artist Shah. Recently named one of 2017’s top 10 emerging rappers, intrigue has surrounded Shah since the release of his debut single Rookie Card in 2016. Shah’s live performances appear to have been limited to private venues such as art galleries, which explains the buzz surrounding his appearance at SXSW. While music blogs have named him one of top new artists in Toronto, alongside OVO’s Roy Woods, and one of the worlds most recognized Desi rappers, alongside MIA, one could argue that Atlanta has had the most substantial impact on Shah’s ascent.

Shah’s name has been buzzing in 2017 as well, especially since joining forces with equally enigmatic music producer MyBuddy, the winner of six consecutive beat battles taking place in Atlanta, the hip hop mecca. But the Canadian rapper has yet to be seen doing a public performance so this official world debut at SXSW comes as long awaited news for his fans. We’ve been informed that Shah is slated to appear as a special guest artist at DJ Ascend’s showcase on Wednesday, March 15th. It’s rumoured that Shah will be performing new, unreleased songs. Social media accounts of various Atlanta strip club institutions including Magic City and DJs known for breaking records have shown clips of them playing unknown music from Shah. There have been stylistic comparisons of Shah to Future over the last several months and now the comparisons even truer, with Future having risen to international prominence via the same route. Venue and exact performance times are currently unknown but stay tuned for breaking updates.

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