TAKEMOTO Handmade Eye Wear

Most of the shops were selling their original works, but there were also a few shops where not everything sold was of their own. That is acceptable for me.)However, on this website, over 90 percent of so-called ‘handcrafted glasses’ shops were selling products from factories instead of shop owner themselves. All they needed was to turn on their computers,and with some clicks of the mouse,they started to ‘handcraft’ glasses. They needed nothing more than a few clicks: no hard work, no fatigue, no loneliness, and certainly no need to study the technique for years.

100% handmade by the designer and brand founder:TAKEMOTO (90% handmade glasses on ETSY are fake !please say NO to them!!) You get Life free maintenance by TAKEMOTO 🙂

BUY NOW :etsy.com/shop/takemoto

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