Unique Concentrated Fragrance Scents on SALE 15% OFF

A scent’s ability to transport us to another time or place is uniquely powerful. Scent can trigger memories and complex emotions, allowing us to revisit childhood summers, beach vacations or family holidays. At Somethin Special, we know that the right scent can be mood-boosting, rejuvenating or calming, and we use this knowledge to create a variety of lasting fragrances that’ll leave you obsessed.

All of our scents are light but fragrant, making them ideal for use on both skin and fabrics. Because our scents don’t contain any harsh chemicals, they are perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin. We take pride in producing all of our products and aim to be 100 percent eco-conscious by producing only environmentally friendly and cruelty-free fragrances. All of our vegan fragrances are clearly marked so there’s never any guessing involved, and everything we sell is handmade fresh and delivered right to your door.

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