Around The World With Makeup Artist Estelle Descard

Many of us wouldn’t know what to do if someone handed us a make-up kit and put someone’s face in front of us and said, “Okay, make her look even more beautiful than she is right now.” A very big assignment and an impossible task for most of us. Maybe that’s why Hollywood and the entertainment industry, along with photographers, fashion shows and theatre productions, among many others, depend on professional make-up artists like Estelle Descard to get the job done and get it done right – the first time.

Estelle has been working as a freelance make-up artist for several years and she splits her professional time between Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. She is constantly working because she is someone who can be counted on to come to the shoot, listen to what is needed and then decide quickly how to do it on time and within budget. That’s what true professionals do. Once she sees what has to be done she wastes no time in getting it done. She knows that time is money on a movie set or at a photo shoot, etc. Since she understands colors and color matching and skin tones and hair types and styles, she sets her make-up box down, opens it and instantly grabs the right containers and implements and gets to work.

Estelle has loved colors and cosmetics since she was a kid, growing up in France. Her work and her work ethic, that is, (paraphrasing) to not only make people look good, but to make them feel good,” exemplifies all that people from other countries feel is extraordinary about the French. They, in general, (and we don’t mean to stereotype here) have a reputation for living life to the fullest (another of Estelle’s life formulas) and with style. Maybe that’s why so many millions visit Paris each year.

Estelle epitomizes someone who lives life to the fullest because she travels around the world to work in a career that she is not only good at but that she actually loves. The models she works no doubt love her work because she enhances their existing beauty ten-fold. When they see her coming in to the make-up room they breathe a sigh of relief and know automatically that the A-team has just arrived. We should all be so lucky.

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