Marko Stout: Art, Film & Celebrity

New York City- One of the hottest celebrity artists working today is the New York based Marko Stout and many are now calling this versatile artist the next Andy Warhol. Stout’s downtown solo exhibition at the Rivington Gallery in SoHo, NYC last September was a huge success in the art world. The show drew a large number of young people, art collectors and fans and other celebrities to meet the artist and see his work- which includes prints, sculpture and experimental film.


Marko Stout is best known for his gritty style of industrial pop and is now turning his attention to producing an experimental film festival called LIPS, which will adde performance art to the film festival and is geared to the younger millennial generation. Much like Andy Warhol, the celebrity artist Marko Stout is the type of artist that comes along once in a generation and gives a voice to that generation.

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