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When it comes to fitness, there are two types of women. There are those of us who simply “hit the gym,” while for others… it’s a full lifestyle. And you can always tell one from the next. If not by the way she “woman-handles” a barbell, then her outfit will most definitely give her away.

That’s because when working out is a lifestyle, your wardrobe begins to reflect it. And it’s not just about aesthetics. It’s about comfort, too! When you invest your time in the gym, certain outfits start to speak to you.

You start to learn which outfits are better for stretching and you’ll discover the material that feels best against your skin. If you’re not a fan of sweat spots, you’ll find that darker colors are better for those high-intensity workouts. Or you’ll decide that quick-dry elastic is the way to go!

But there’s one piece of outerwear that makes a huge difference in your workout—and if you haven’t tried it out, you’ll want to:



If you’re not already a fan, allow us to list all of the wonderful reasons to join the “leggings” club:

  1. Great for any temperature! Leggings work well in any temperature. They do not trap heat like your typical workout pants, nor do they leave your legs exposed as shorts do. So whether you’re doing hot yoga in an 80 degree room, or running a lap in a brisk cool breeze, you’ll feel comfortable.
  2. They’re versatile! Leggings don’t constrict your movement. There is nothing worse than trying to stretch in workout pants that have no give. And we all know that stretching is a vital part of any routine.
  3. Easy to cover! You may not give much thought to your pre-workout routine. For instance, say you need to run a few errands before your trip to the gym. Just throw on a pair of jeans over your leggings while you’re handling your business. When you arrive at the gym, shed your jeans and GO! Leggings help to reduce your locker room trips, leaving more time for your actual workout.
  4. They look incredible! Leggings conform to your shape, and somehow, we all look just a little better in them.


Check out these leggings from All Fit Everything:




Our Yoga Sport Capri pants are made of a poly-cotton blend. The elastic waist hugs your body to prevent unnecessary movement. One of our most comfortable leggings, these are perfect for treadmill workouts, squats, leg routines… and, of course, yoga!View here!




Who says you can’t get playful? This 3D Deer print will turn heads long after Christmas; and for good reason! They are fashionable and flexible. And even better; you can wear them outside of the gym as well! It’s a win-win for women who love the gym!View here!




Looking for a spandex option? These Bali Inspired Leggings are perfect for you! Ankle-length with an eye-catching print, these stylish bottoms are a great choice for those who want to look great while working hard!View here!




Our ankle-length solid neon leggings are a poly-cotton, microfiber blend. Available in a variety of colors, they’re stylish, sleek and extremely form fitting! Also, they do a great job at absorbing sweat!View here!

 Simply put, there comes a point in every work-out woman’s life when old t-shirts and cleaning shorts will no longer suffice as proper workout attire. When you’re ready to upgrade your closet—and gym bag—All Fit Everything has exactly what you need!


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