Gaia Passaler is a very busy actress. She’s been in too many movies and plays to name them all here and she’s in the cast of the upcoming TV mini-series Bomber Command and the ever popular TV series Emergency L.A. She’s also taking some time out to appear at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in the world premiere of Inversion. That play will have five performances and she plays a strong and confident Russian girl who is pursued by a genius who is socially awkward and is also liked very much by her roommate. How she finds the time to do things like the Hollywood Fringe is mindboggling. She apparently simply loves to act whether it’s on a sound stage or a theater stage in front of an audience.


Gaia, as we said, has performed countless roles in both stage and film. Her favorite theatrical character was Clytemnestra in Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0, which was staged at the Lester Martin Theater in New York City in 2016. Her favorite film role (so far) was in the movie The Chosen Path, in which she portrayed Julia. That was released late last year. Some of the other notable film appearances have been in these great cinema pieces: The Mystery of Casa Matusita, starring Malcolm McDowell, Charged, Celestial, Toenail, The Newcomer, Ultima Fermata, Whiskers, Mysteries of The Unexplained, Memoirs, 2 Minutes To Live, Unspoken and Into Vitality, to name but a few.

Gaia started her acting career at the age of ten. She was cast in a play and there was no turning back for her once she stepped out in front of her first audience. She was stung by the acting bug and she has loved every minute of it since then. She also loves training and she believes that an actor must continue to sharpen her skills throughout her entire life. Whenever she can she takes acting classes and workshops with the best teachers in the world. She studied in Milan, Italy, her home town, at two of the most prestigious acting schools in Northern Italy and then she went to New York City to study for two years at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the New York Film Academy. She then moved to Los Angeles and began working as a professional and she has been quite busy ever since.

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