Acclaimed Actress Dive Assad Stars In The Music Video “Mi Suena” by Mexican Singer Rey Coronado

When the film Gabriel was shown at the short film corner at Cannes Film Festival it was received with much love and applause. Directed by Mariana Flores, the film tells the story of a woman, Melissa, who is on a quest to find the man she believes could be the love of her life. Dive Assad plays the key role of Maria, and according to one reviewer, “Dive gave the film a touch of comedy and played the character brilliantly and that no other actress would’ve given her the humanity and loving nature that Dive did.

Dive Assad has been acting since she was a very young girl in Vera Cruz, Mexico, where she was born and raised. Her passion and love for the entertainment industry and acting in particular brought her to Mexico City where she studied filmmaking and acting. She then came to Los Angeles to attend the acting conservatory at the legendary Stella Adler Academy of Acting. Actors such as Marlon Brando, Benicio Del Toro, Robert De Niro, Salma Hayek and Mark Ruffalo have studied there.

Dive is a dedicated actress who receives high praise for almost every role she takes on, Besides her performance in Gabriel, she also earned accolades for her work in the film Insolacion. Directed by Rogelio Sanchez Toledo, the whole film crew applauded her for being able to deliver every take with the same emotional intensity for weeks with hardly any rest. During the scene where she realizes her husband is not coming back and is probably dead, her character begins losing her sense of reality and slowly gives into fading away… the whole crew stayed in crying silence after the director said “Cut” and praised her for getting that scene in one take.

Dive also did a flawless bit of acting in Mexican Singer Rey Coronado’s music video Me Suena. The music video follows a broken relationship and how the roles change between a man and a woman, played by Dive. At first Santiago is devastated and heartbroken, but he comes out of it as a stronger person. Daiana (Dive) realizes a bit too late, that she had been superficial and not supportive in the relationship. Everyone on the film set cried relating to her pain and praised her for honoring the character’s emotional rollercoaster.
Dive has performed in films and stage productions, music videos and commercials. Some of the well known brands her commercial work has been for are: Dos Equis, which aired Nationally in the USA on every Network and online; LinkedIn, Telemundo, Griffin Club Tennis Club, Westfield Century City Mall, and One Serene Residences, to name just a few.

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