7 Considerations When Buying A Diamond Ring

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It can be difficult to know where to start when buying a diamond ring. Below are some of the biggest considerations you should make when shopping for these unique pieces of jewelry.

What’s your budget?

Diamond rings can be bought as cheap as $300, or you can spend over $10,000 getting the right one. It’s important to establish your budget from the start so that you can narrow your search. Diamond rings can be bought on finance, but there are likely to still be limits as to how big a loan you’re willing to take out. You don’t want to be struggling to pay off the ring in the future as you may live to regret it – ultimately a diamond ring should be a purchase that you’re proud of.

What setting style?

There are many different setting styles for diamond rings. Solitaire rings are the most popular and traditional style, but there are so many other options ranging from three stone styles to halo style rings. Take the time to explore different styles (if you’re buying a surprise ring for a partner, it could be worth trying to get some hints so that you have a rough idea as to what type of ring to consider).

What size of diamond?

The size of the diamond – or carat as it is known technically  – can affect the price and overall look of the ring. Some people like a big and blingy stone, while others prefer something subtle. It’s worth noting that the price jumps up considerably whenever you reach a whole carat (the price difference between a 0.9 and 1 carat diamond is much greater than the price difference between a 0.8 and 0.9 carat diamond). 

What about cut, clarity and color?

The carat is one of ‘4 Cs’ that are used to measure the quality of a diamond – the others being cut, clarity and color. These factors can all be very important to consider too when choosing the right stone. Cut relates to the shape of the diamond and how shiny it is. Clarity is used to measure how transparent or cloudy a diamond is. Color meanwhile is self-explanatory – while some people prefer colorless diamonds, others may prefer diamonds with colored tinges such as pink or blue. 

Off-the-shelf or custom?

You can buy rings with diamonds already mounted, or shop for loose diamonds from Whiteflash.com and other similar sites and then create your own ring around them. In the case of custom rings, you have more freedom to match the find the right style for you. Just make sure to order a custom ring well in advance to the date you plan to propose – off-the-shelf rings are much easier to shop for last minute.

What metal?

Diamond rings typically contain stones set into gold or silver. However, other metals are possible to explore such as tungsten, platinum and titanium. Some of these metals are cheaper than gold and silver and are hypoallergenic. 

What size?

It’s important that you know the finger size of the person that you’re buying for. There are a few different ways to find out a person’s finger size. If you can’t get an accurate measurement, it’s best to guess on the larger side – rings can be sized down if too big, but are much harder to size up. 

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