Crucial Tips For Keeping Your Silver Jewelry Shiny

Silver jewelry is a women’s absolute favorite. The sophisticated shiny finish will accentuate the femininity and bring style to any outfit. And not only ladies but gentlemen also wear silver jewelry such as large bulky rings and chain bracelets. Silver has so many advantages, as it is cheaper when compared to other precious metals. Plus, it looks so elegant and classy. It doesn’t impose any age limits, so anyone can wear a good piece of sterling silver jewelry.

 However, many people don’t like the fact that silver can easily tarnish and lose its shine. If you are ready to quit your favorite silver jewelry because of this, you should better stop here. There are so many tricks that will help you keep your silver jewelry shiny and perfect looking. Read on and find out more!

Store it properly

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining your silver jewelry. You should protect it from coming in touch with the air. The surface of the silver jewelry reacts with sulfur from the air, creating an ugly black layer known as tarnish. As long as you keep your silver jewelry in a closed box, you are safe.

Another huge problem with silver is that it can be easily scratched. So, you really want to avoid placing it in a jewelry box, directly exposed to other jewelry pieces. Also, don’t leave your jewelry on the dresser top. Get a jewelry box with separate compartments that are lined with soft velvet fabric. This will keep the jewelry pieces from scratching each other. Or, keep the jewelry safe in its original velvet pouch.

Methods of cleaning your silver jewelry

If you haven’t worn your silver jewelry in a while, you might be surprised to find out that it has an ugly black buildup all over the surface. Don’t think that the life of your jewelry has come to an end. There are a few efficient methods that will help you remove the tarnish. Surprisingly, they include cheap ingredients that you already have at home.

For light tarnish, you can wash your sterling silver jewelry with soapy water. Clean it gently with your fingers and then rinse. Leave it on a soft lint-free cloth to dry completely.

Another great homemade cleaning method is to use vinegar. Soak the jewelry in vinegar and clean gently with a soft toothbrush. This is especially helpful for jewelry that has crevices, such as chain bracelets.

Visit your local jeweler

Keep in mind that DIY cleaning methods should be taken with caution. Perform then when you have a silver-only piece of jewelry. If your ring or pendant necklace has expensive stones, don’t risk cleaning at home. Some agents might dissolve the glue, so the stone might fall off.

When you want to get your expensive jewelry cleaned, it is always better to visit your local jewelry repair store. Since they are professionals, they can clean even the most delicate jewelry for you. Also, don’t forget to ask if they sell a special cloth for cleaning silver. This kind of cloth is soft and specially designed to clean the surface of sterling silver, without damaging it.

Wear your silver jewelry often

The longer you wear your favorite silver jewelry, the less tarnish will build up. Although it sounds crazy, there is science behind this simple trick. The metal will rub against the skin, so the black buildup that comes as a result of air exposure will be removed from the surface. The more you wear your favorite ring or bracelet, the less you have to worry about cleaning it.

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