Have You Picked Your Engagement Ring Style?

When it comes to engagement rings, a lot of people will give you different pieces of advice. How much you should spend, how big the diamond should be, what metal your band should be, and so on.

If you go online, you will also find a lot of helpful guides about how to choose the best stone, to pay attention to the 4 Cs of diamonds. However, have you considered the style of the ring you want? There are several commonly available styles in most engagement ring stores like San Diego’s https://www.leohamel.com/. Here’s a bit more info about these different types, which will hopefully help you make up your mind.

Classic Style

If you are a bit of a traditionalist, perhaps this is the best option for you. These rings rely on the smooth, clean lines to impress the beholder. The reserved style of the band does tremendous favor to the stone, making it really pop. It is therefore recommended for rings which boast a really impressive diamond.

There is a downside to this style of rings, however. It is the popularity. The classic is a classic for a reason, it is so popular that your ring may not be particularly unique. If that is what you are going for, perhaps you should keep on looking for a style more suited to you.

Colorful Engagement Rings

If attracting attention is among the prerequisites for your ring, perhaps you should think about colorful engagement rings. Even though these may not look as premium or as classical, they can be highly customized to match your lifestyle and preferred dress style.

The degree of colorfulness can also be managed. If you prefer, you can have only the accent stones be colorful, incorporating rubies, emeralds, or any other colorful stones into your diamond design. If, however, you are a person who loves colors, you can pick a ring with a colorful diamond or any other stone. Finally, thanks to the modern technologies, your band can be colorful as well. There are numerous varieties of gold, ranging from white to rose and red, as well as other precious metals with their own distinctive color and weight.

Vintage Rings

In the recent years, the nostalgia and the past have been all the rage. You can see it in design, music, and fashion. Naturally, jewelry pieces have been affected by this trend as well. There are now numerous vintage-style engagement rings on offer at reputable and trendy stores.

The most popular style of vintage rings are certainly Art Deco pieces, thanks to their lavish and intricate designs which are rare in modern rings. Another very popular vintage style is the Old Hollywood. This style is all about the glamour and the excess of the Hollywood of the early 20th century, but with every ounce of its classiness as well. These rings are sure to attract a lot of attention, both due to their lavishness and the sheer beauty.

Custom Rings

If you haven’t really found anything which fits your personality and desires, perhaps creating your own custom ring is the way to go. You can be the one to choose everything, starting from the materials, the cut of the diamond and the setting it will be placed in.

You will need to find a skilled smith to help you create your ideal ring, but once you do, you know that you will end up with the perfect result.

With the abundance of various engagement rings out there, there is an ideal one waiting for you out there. All you need to do is search a bit for it.

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