Filmmaker Aayush Gaur from Bollywood To Hollywood

Aayush Gaur has been working steadily in Hollywood for eight years and for as long as he can remember he has been interested in the arts, comics, animation and Bollywood Hindi Cinema. He is originally from India and earned a degree in animation there. As he was exposed to different types of film, such as French, British, Korean and American movies, his interest in the more realistic sci-fi movies and movies that used a lot of VFX made him realize that he needed to be in Hollywood, where the best of those kinds of films are produced.
So, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles, California and studied at the Los Angeles Film School. He learned all about editing and how to use state of the art editing software’s and he also became proficient at cinematography. He worked behind the camera and on camera crews on countless sets and locations to get a better understanding of what needs to be shot in order for the editor to do his job, which is pretty much one of the last steps in the filmmaking process and arguably one of the most important once the scenes have been shot
He then worked as an assistant editor with Speed Records based out of India and in a short time moved up to the editor position on multiple projects, working remotely from Los Angeles. Soon, Aayush will be working as the Chief Editor with award winning cinematographer Gurdeep Singh and the Producer on a new limited TV series. The working title, as of now, is SLEEPLESS NIGHT which is in pre-production at the moment and because he signed an NDA, he is not allowed to disclose more information on this big budget project.
Aayush has plenty of professional experience in editing and some of his work includes editing music videos for famous Indian musicians and singers such as: Guitar Sikh da By Jassi Gill, which garnered 219 Million views on YouTube. Daang by Mankirt Aulakh took in 120 Million views on YouTube and Gangland by Mankirt Aulakh counted 202 Million views on YouTube.
Aayush was also a director for a short film. He directed the short film The Last Cigarette, which is about a young man stuck in an oppressive and demanding job, which is affecting his mental health to the point where he can almost see only one desperate way out.
Aayush was the Camera Assistant on the short film Bloody Eyes, which tells the story of detectives who get locked in a drug lab only to find that they are not alone and that they are not the only ones who will do anything to escape.

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