Desolo lends his hypnotic vocals to shine prominently and produce entrancing soundscapes

Desolo sums up his vast feelings in an extremely engaging way in all his soundtracks that stays true to his emotions and produce a soothing effect on the listener.

Desolo is a master in crafting good music with full clarity and details that well balances emotion and positivity. The artist delivers a rich amalgam of soul, R&B and pop music that effortlessly assures his stand in the music industry. His voice adds all the charm that acts no less than a healer to push the tracks and help them emerge as extremely soothing pieces of music. The tunes brush off the gloominess and deliver fresh emotions to the listener who equally enjoys the fine musicality of the artist. The tracks draw on immersive rhythms that leave a lasting impression with its well-curated instrumental offerings. The artist has a gifted voice which he utilizes in an extremely skilful manner to uplift the emotion of his music and create a dreamy effect.

Throughout his tracks, the artist offers his truly evoking and mesmerizing voice that provokes the listener to chant his verses. Young Washington artist Desolo poignantly captures the honest emotion that comes out in his soul-touching soundscapes. He sings beautifully in the most pleasurable way to light the fire of love in the listener. Some of his tracks like ‘Digital World’, ‘Te Extraño’, and ‘#MeToo’ thoroughly opens up to the listener with immense feelings and that charisma coupled with his fantastic skill set could very well carry him to the very top of the charts if the musician keeps composing tracks with the same tenacity. The perfect blend of guitar strings and engaging beats topped with Desolo’s truly extraordinary voice contributes to a soothing audio experience that has full capability to enchant the audience.

Born in Venezuela, Desolo has an ear for intricate melody that attempts to lend a breath of fresh air to the harsh world of music. He delivers some timeless soundtracks in Spanish verses that spell magic with its instrumental and production effect. The musician stepped his foot in the world of music since a very young age and at 17 he was offered a record deal but things didn’t turn out accordingly. Despite facing his share of struggles, the talented artist decided to make a comeback and pursue his true passion. He records both in English and Spanish to effectively storm through the barrier and successfully come out as a music artist to look forward in the coming years. Listen to his soulful voce on Soundcloud and follow his updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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