Chuck’s Vintage Brings Exclusive “Vintage Flair” to Manhattan!

On Thursday, the spotlight was on the Classic Car Club Manhattan at Pier 76 for the launch of Chuck’s Vintage new flagship store in New York City. Over 350 VIP guests enjoyed an exceptional night of live entertainment; Open bar, delectable hors d’oeuvres and networking and live music from DJ Lee Kalt and vocalist Xandra K.. The highlight of the event was a fashion show featuring the unique designs of Chuck’s Vintage.

CEO, Vinnie Cammarata put the best team together to plan, coordinate and produce the event to celebrate the life and legacy of his beloved wife and founder of Chuck’s Vintage, Madeline Cammarata.

The event commemorated the upcoming opening of Chuck’s Vintage’s main retail location, as well as Madeline Cammarata’s remarkable career. Madeline was the epitome of beauty and brain. Her eye for fashion and savvy business sense led to the success of Chuck;s Vintage.

Chuck’s Vintage quickly became a great American classic. Her extensive collection became prized possessions for celebrities and business leaders, attracting clients such as famous performers like Dolly Parton, Robert Plant, Morrisey and Steve Job.

According to her husband, Vinnie Cammarata, “ A world-renowned denim collector once entrusted Madeline with the purchase of a million dollar collectible denim.”

The new store, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, will include classic strongholds from the California G mines through World War II-era Levi’s, Lees, and Wranglers, as well as 1960s ladies high-waisted and funky deadstock Levi’s bells. Fancy a selection of classic American workwear or robust military and work boots, buttery leather bomber jackets, and soft, perfectly worn-in vintage 1970s rock tees? Visit Chuck’s Vintage NYC for American Cool in its purest form.

Author: Sandra Jones
Photo Credits: Johnny Sylman


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