CJC White Chocolate

CJC White Chocolate is a new R&B singer from West Philadelphia. Influenced by the 90’s R&B sound, CJC White Chocolate is bringing something new to the music scene. A time when melody and dance skills seem forgone, CJC White Chocolate brings what once was a requirement to today’s R$B scene.

CJC stands for the 3 attributes that make CJC who he is, Cool, Jewish, Charismatic. Back in the 90’s every act had a 3 letter acronym. TLC, BSB, BBD, CMB, SWV, the list goes on. Blessed with a natural deep register CJC White Chocolate can sing anywhere from Bass to Baritone to Falsetto.

CJC’s Jewish heritage also plays an important part of his artistry. CJC hopes to bring the cool stylings of his R&B sound while also shouting out Judaism.CJC’s Jewish heritage is an important part of who he is and he believes he can reach a broad audience.

CJC White Chocolate

The name “White Chocolate” comes from CJC’s style as an artist and a person. White Chocolate is that style that blends the streets with a certain level of smoothness. No gimmick, this is truly who White Chocolate is as a person and artist. There was a time when R&B had a certain swag, and CJC White Chocolate brings that.

CJC White Chocolate is currently working with a vocal coach, and started his career as a self taught musician. He is prepared to keep training and working hard in order to build up his natural singing skills to the fullest. He is currently writing and hopes to film a couple of music videos this Fall. Eventually launching his debut album, “White Chocolate is Coming” is the ultimate goal. While a mixtape could first be in the works, he plans on releasing music to the public.

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