The Ambassador Returns As “The Prince of New York”

Ed Hale Returns As “The Prince of New York” With a Thrilling New Single! The singer-songwriter popularly known as “The Ambassador” just released a third single from his upcoming new album So For Real (Street Date August 24th). “Prince of New York” is an irresistibly campy, catchy tell-all that details the singer’s adventures in the city that never sleeps where “there’s always some new party”. Ed Hale and his Transcendence band kept fans waiting almost three years for new music, then suddenly burst back into the limelight with a surprising blast of exciting new singles and the promise of not just one but THREE new albums being released this year. “Prince of New York” is a thrilling vaudevillian Power pop song that gets stuck in your head and devilishly begs you to listen to it over and over again.

Ed Hale is a dream and by the time he sings “take my hand I swear it/I will be yours eternally unbearably for at least a week”, you’re hooked! Hear it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and wherever music is streamed and follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.


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