Enthusiasm! Yes, that’s the word I was looking for. That word, that one word truly could be applied to Riccardo Vino, the Italian singer who is currently living in and entertaining people by the thousands in Germany and elsewhere. Riccardo is one of those people who inspires others with his boundless energy, beautiful singing and his endless enthusiasm for what he does.

What Riccardo does is live life to the fullest and what drives him to do that, as far as we can tell is his love of music, singing and performing. He’s had several shows that have successfully toured throughout Europe and one of them is Voglio Vivere Cosi.  Since he has been having a love affair with some of the best radio songs from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, he has incorporated them into his very lively swing show.

When he walks on to that stage you just know automatically that something special is going to happen. We couldn’t quite pinpoint it but we think it’s the sparkle in his eye that gave him away. That tiny glint told us that our anticipation was well founded and that this Italian mega talent was going to keep us entertained for the whole performance. We were not disappointed.

Riccardo had us from “Hello” in the perfect and charming ambience of the famous Grüner Salon, a 1930s sale, decked out with green everything. His humor and great singing voice let us know that we were in the presence of a master. Riccardo is the grandson of another master, Angelo Ragazzini, a very popular violinist and composer in Italy who died before Riccardo could meet him. Fortune seems to smile on Riccardo, however, and serendipity nudged him to find an old box with his grandfather’s music sheets inside. Riccardo read each and every one of them; he could read music before he could even read his native Italian. He also received a music diploma at the age of ten from the Conservatory of Bologna and later won a scholarship to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Riccardo can sing anything but he has chosen to work with a small group of highly trained musicians and entertain people with the radio classics of Italy and America of the 1930s through the 50s. And we don’t mind that at all. Of course, I’m understating the whole thing because we think Riccardo’s act is one of the most progressive shows out there. It’s retro and there’s nothing else like on the music or entertainment scene today. We can’t wait to see Riccardo again.

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