Get To It, Get With It, Get Through It By Multi Talented Celebrity GARRICK WOOTEN

Garrick Wooten, Is an author and entrepreneur, from Baltimore, Md.  Wooten attended The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and Central State University where he received a Masters Degree in Education. The author and motivational speaker is a proud HBU graduate and member of the Que Fraternity. The COVID-19 pandemic motivated Wooten to help others develop a strong understanding of self.
“The pandemic has built my character, it gave me time to really get to know my strengths and weaknesses. It slowed down my daily activities to really focus on what really matters in life! Which to me is mental health awareness” Wooten stated.
His Book “ Get To It, Get With It, Get Through It” was released November 2020 and quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. “Once labeled a menace to society, with no hopes of a future. Mr. Wooten spent most of his juvenile and early adulthood in and out of juvenile facilities, boot camps, adult jails, and prison. Garrick has now transformed his life and loves to help others to do the same. Mr. Wooten prides himself on saving the youth and his slogan is “If you can dream it, it can be done”. The book description reads.

The Motivational book is very personal to the best-selling author. While Wooten guides readers into deep reflection he also shares his own self-reflection as well as poetry. The book also includes an audio version narrated by Wooten himself. The writing process helped the author realize his love for mentoring.  Wooten’s goal is to positively influence Gen Z’ers and the youth. His book promotes self-reflection and confidence building.

“Anything is possible, as long as you work hard towards it and believe it. When I started my reflective journey I had to address everything I was doing wrong. I realized that a lot of the perceptions that I had in life were due to PTSD I suffered from due to the neighborhood I grew up in. Reprograming myself became a vital component of my mental and physical survival. I began to work harder and put a strong belief behind my goals. Once I did that everything began to fall into place. It is amazing how much Sacrifice, humbleness, and being true to yourself can do for a person,” Wooten stated.

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