Buni Milani Returns To Social Media

Her hiatus is over

Buni Milani returned to social media on Tuesday after taking a hiatus for a couple of months. This comes after Milani stated that she will no longer use social media if they continue to control freedom of speech in an unreasonable way. If an adult can’t say, “Men are delusional” in response to a derogatory post about a woman, then what is the point of using social media? That was the exact quote that was flagged several months after Milani made the comment, which upset her. She mentions the situation on her website(https://www.bunimilani.com/).

Although Milani has no issues with social media platforms enforcing certain rules and regulations, she would like to be able to express herself as an adult and entertainer. In a statement, Milani said that she will be a lot more active on social media now that she has more free time.

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