Lianah Chang Signed Model

Our staff prides themselves in searching the web for compelling stories about Desi influencers all across the world. We had to feature this story after reading articles about an empowering member of our community, Model Lianah.

The modeling world is so much more than traveling and glitz. Surprisingly, behind all of the glamour, is a ton of racism, inequality, and cultural battles. It is an industry that needs craft, hard work, and dedication to persevere. In this cut-throat industry, in order for newcomers to make a name for themselves, they many times have to conform to what sells, which is Sex and Nudity.

It is no surprise that the pitfalls of the business is actually representing something that is classy and cultural. Most of our icons are in Bollywood, and thankfully Priyanka Chopra has been one of the greatest cross-overs. But there aren’t many “Priyankas” born in America. Inspired by her creative photography and looks, Instagram model Lianah, is taking over the Desi fashion world in America.

Model Lianah

As the host for ARY Digital Television’s “Ali Haider Dam Entertainment Fundraiser” she was featured in Za’s page magazine as the number one East Asian Model and Fashion Influencer in the US. It is refreshing to know there are still women who represent and model things that take much more standards and integrity to represent. It just reminds us that there are still some fashion icons who become famous for what they believe in, not because they are chasing fame and money at any cost.

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