Marc Allinds

Marc Allinds Romulus AKA Marc Allinds is an ingenious spark behind the emotion, a singer who from his humble roots as a Creole-language pop artiste started off his music career at the age of eight. His music description is stirred with a touch of human character, authenticity, and healing that comes with a smile to melt the heart. An all-around entertainer, he likewise enjoys playing with multiple instruments, songwriting and produces. At an affectionate age, he was popularized in school for writing a love poetry to a girl he treasured and by age 14, Marc was already on track, making his own music with the help of a PlayStation Headset and from the four corner walls of his bedroom.

The 25-year-old from both Haitian bloodlines was born in Miami, Florida, where he was the only child in the family that nurtured a love of music. Marc believes in superheroes and writes his own lyrics out of natural encounters and great love for family.

He always highlighted the fact that his music was built on hope for folks going through agony and in need of a Miracle. Every Sunday the whole family would gather around to listen to his guitar performance till the next sunrise and at present, he has been able to establish a level of commercial and media presence with this gift that has scored him a lot of endorsement deals.

Over the years, Marc has risen to be a self-sustained “King of Pop” in the new generation of Pop music, and trades in the footsteps of legends like “Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder”. He is a believer and intense key player in each part of volunteering and making people happy with his music. With a perfect understanding that life isn’t about business constantly, the young artist has an adoration for quality things, places, and experiences. Well, who doesn’t?


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