Staying Creative No Matter What, Indian Film Editor Raghu Gudiveti

It must be an amazing feeling to have your first film as editor be chosen Best Short at the Los Angeles Cinema Awards.  Raghu (Raghavendra) Gudiveti, the editor of Alive was very happy about how everything turned out. That was in 2018 and the award-winning short was also an official selection at other internationally known film festivals. The story is about a man who goes out for a hike with some of his friends but discovers something very unexpected during the 14-mile stroll. Raghu loved working on this project and had a great time in the post-production part of the completing the film. He was involved in the editing, of course, but also in the color correction and finding the right person to do the voice over. Obviously, he did a terrific job since Alive won the Best Short trophy.

For the past five years, Raghu has been an editor who has been in-demand. His skills are highly desired by production companies because he not only brings the product in on time and within budget, but his innovative way of seeing a scene always puts a smile on the producers’ faces. He brings innovation and story-telling experience to the table when he takes on a new editing job. His editing style and the way he visualizes the already shot scenes adds something almost unexplainable to the piece but it is always an enhancement, to be sure. Producers and directors, along with Post Supervisors, Associate Producers and other Editors call him back to new projects whenever they can get him because of his editing experience and his willingness to collaborate and be open to the process of the creation of the best film they can make. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Raghu has been an editor on Music videos, commercials, TV features, short films and American TV reality shows. Each project is a new challenge for Raghu and it’s a challenge that he relishes. Each of the types of shows mentioned above needs a different kind of editing. Cutting a reality show like one would edit a movie just wouldn’t work. So, each project calls for a different style of editing. Each one has a unique format and must be looked at in the proper manner. Each editing style is similar to speaking a new language when entering another country. Fortunately, Raghu speaks all the editing languages that are needed.

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