It must be nice to be an actor and play different characters all the time. Millions of people, or for that matter, just about anyone who has ever seen a movie, stage play or TV show has most likely dreamed about living the life of an actor. Guy Adams, the British actor, has been living that dream since he was 3 years old. That is, he’s been acting since that time so maybe he’s never really dreamed about it since his whole life has been involved with theatre and films and TV shows.

Some people apparently have all the luck. When he was 16, Guy moved down to London and studied acting more formally at Arts Education Schools London and that’s where he feels he truly started to develop his craft. He starred as Alan Strang in the ever-popular Peter Shaffer play Equus during that period and his performance was highly praised by critics and audience members alike.

Guy moved to the states soon after that and threw himself into even more intensive training at the famed New York Conservatory for Dramatic arts. He has been a busy actor ever since and he’s had choice roles in TV, stage and movie productions. Some of the productions Guy has been in are, Ruben on The Street, a TV mini series, House of The Setting Sun, (short film), Introducing Tech Santa, a TV movie, The Post Shop Boys, TV mini series, All The Lights Are On Here, short film, and Summer Holiday, a critically acclaimed short.

Guy has also been cast as Sgt. Andy Munroe in the upcoming 2017 TV mini series, Bomber Command. Guy is about to be a regular on Emergency: LA, the popular TV series. He plays paramedic David Hale and some of the episodes he can be seen in are, An Element of Faith, Overkill Part 2, Survive The Streets, Suffer The Children, Canyons of Death, Think About The Hostage, Ignition, and Sins of The Fathers, to name just a few.

Obviously, Guy has clearly made a name for himself in the UK and in the movie industry and we hope he is here to stay. This year has been good for him and next year’s acting schedule is even busier so at least we know that we can keep our eye on this very versatile actor.


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