Tyler Mizak Has Partnered With Coca-Cola

Tyler Mizak, known for his massive social media following has partnered with the one and only Coca-Cola to bring diet coke into more people’s hands than ever before! In a recent Facebook video we see Tyler handing out the newly re-branded diet coke in 4 flavors to unsuspecting guests at a shopping store.
We can see in the video that guests are very happy and so is the employee behind the counter to see such happiness happen in their store with smiles all around! By the looks and clues in the video we can tell that this is a Rocket Fizz candy store (undefined location). Over the past few years that Tyler has been on Instagram he has racked up more than 105,000 followers. We would love to get a new Diet Coke from Tyler. You can find Tyler on Instagram with the handle @tylermizak
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