Anne Pruvost –A Natural Born Leader

It is often said in Hollywood that artists lack the discipline and producers lack the artistry. Though a broad generalization, it is often true that this overspecialization has created several problems in filmmaking over the decades. It is rare, although not impossible, to find people who decided to train both with the sword of creativity as well as with the one of practicality. French producer Anne Pruvost is one of those rare cases. Having arrived in the US from France several years ago, she is already taking over Hollywood by storm with her company Open House Films.

Due her executive position, Anne emanates a decisive vibe, a sense of authority. She is, in short, a natural born leader. Her resume abundantly reflects this fact. After all, you don’t get to jump into the entertainment business at the age of 19 and become an executive in only four years. After her production baptism with Publicis Group, Anne’s career has been an incredible escalation of diverse accomplishments. She worked with Thierry Ardisson and Stephane Simon,  purchased a company of her own (Astrolab), worked with SFR, gained the trust of the L’Oréal group, produced thirteen documentaries for TV5 Monde, an important French network, and she became the official showrunner for several beloved French TV shows including Canal Plus’s Le Circle. She also developed her amazing skills as a producer by overseeing some of the most important promotional campaigns for Dior, Lancome, Nissan and Ubisoft. The latter was so in awe with Anne’s production skills, they decided to trust her with the production of their teaser film Driver. The film was Ubisoft’s ‘business card’ for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles), the event all the most important companies in the business attend to showcase their new releases. In addition to all this, his majesty the King of Morocco himself commissioned Anne to produce a commercial film (Soulcam) for the inauguration of the famous hotel La Mamounia.

Multinational brands and Hollywood filmmakers gravitate around Anne Pruvost because she always delivers. She is the producer everyone dreams of having onboard their project, always on time, never over budget, always strong, never disrespectful. However, it is a different quality that strikes those who meet Anne. Her sensibility. It is easy to picture a prideful, cold person having such a reel of credits. Instead, Anne is an incredibly perceptive and warm woman with a sharp sense of art and emotion. She remembers that she does what she does because she loves telling stories. This pure passion is what allowed her to move to Hollywood, leaving her life and established reputation behind to produce TV and video content, to found a company (Open House Films) and choose her clients in total freedom. Most importantly, she remembers that her passion and discipline are not the tools that have allowed her to make her dreams a tangible reality. Anne did not become a producer to exercise control, but to better serve her inner child, that sensitive girl who fell in love with movies when she was only four.

This is why the entertainment industry (Sony, Ubisoft), the fashion industry (Armani, Dior, Lancome) simply can’t get enough of her. Because Anne Pruvost is a producer with a heart, and an artist with discipline.

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