Best Gift for Mom – Covering the Gray by Combing your Hair

If you have ever tried to dye your hair from the comfort of your home, then you know just how messy the process can get. Your bathroom looks like a disaster site afterwards, and if your hair is exceptionally long, you are bound to spend more on product than you would like.

Fortunately, we have a solution. We have developed a hair colouring comb to drastically simplify at home hair colouring. Using our fully automated system, you can get a professional grade colouring without any hassle. Simply click the button on the back of the comb: CLICK & COMB will mix and deliver an equal amount of hair colouring foam onto the comb head automatically. After that, comb the foam onto your hair to colour it. Repeat this process as needed. Wait 35 minutes, then wash off the foam with lukewarm water. That’s it! Hair colouring can be as simple as that.


Refillable and Reusable

The hair colouring comb is 100% refillable and reusable. Each package can last up to 10 times of root touch-ups, 3 times full applications for short hair, or 2 times full applications for medium length hair. You can always refill any CLICK & COMB tubes, cutting down on the plastic. In addition, the refill tubes are made from 100% recycled aluminium, which you can once again recycle as part of your local recycling program. This is the hair colouring solution for people who are environmentally conscious.

Get it now for you or your family at an early-bird price on Kickstarter!


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