Archi : A Footwear Brand

I was looking for comfortable shoes that are not only affordable but also look trendy, however, soon I realized that it is not an easy task to find shoes that are made up of best quality material, durable, as well as reasonable to buy. However, my problem solved as I found Archi footwear. This is because this company offers high quality shoes with the most affordable prices.

Why Archi?

The company focuses on manufacturing unique kind of shoes with all the qualities that you look for in a pair of shoes. The major features of Archi footwear are as follows:

  • Easy to wear,
  • Gum rubber outsole for durability
  • Versatile
  • Offered at reasonable price
  • Made of quality material
  • Perfect for pairing with any outfit
  • Ortholite insole that is anti-microbial, breathable and supportive
  • Best quality Italian suede leather upper
  • High elastic and Hand buffed EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning

The Mission of Archi Footwear

Along with providing comfortable and affordable shoes, the company is also on a mission to bring comfort to the lives of youth by donating a large part of their earnings to solve the different problems faced by the young generation in the society.

One of the biggest problems that this world is suffering from is the lack of awareness and no proper counseling or mentoring for the young generation. The major platforms include orphanages, entrepreneurship and education. This company gives 25% of every item they sell to serve the noble cause. The company aims to provide permanent solutions to these prominent issues by empowering youth through different mentoring programs that is conducted by the company.

Archi : A Footwear Brand

Why Mentoring?

Behind the success of a person, there is always a hand of many supporters that push, challenge and encourage him throughout the journey to achieve a goal.

We all know that mentoring is a very important strategy for improving the lives of young people, boosting their social development, academic achievement, as well as opportunities for long-term success.

According to the studies, mentoring has the ability to improve the lives and productivity of young generation. All the young people that participate in mentoring relationships show better school attendance, higher chances of going on to higher education, and a positive attitude towards their career as compared to non-mentored youth.

Archi : A Footwear Brand

How Mentoring Helps to Empower Youth

Among all the supporters, the most remarkable personality in a person’s life is their mentor. When faced with significant decisions in life, you need an advisory board. You need the involvement of people in your life that are able to speak without restriction, bias or without judging you. Mentorship is an amazing way to provide this value. The more meaningful and deeper a mentoring relationship exists, the greater impact it will have on the vital decisions of your life, whether it is related to your business, education or for any social issues.

I simply love their idea of empowering youth and so I recommend everyone to buy the best quality shoes that will ultimately support the company’s noble cause of making a positive impact in the society.

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