Highly praised Irish actor Kieran Biggs

Hass Kieran Biggs ever gotten a bad review for any role he’s played? A rhetorical question, to be sure, and it does not require an answer. Kieran has portrayed many characters on stage and film and instead of getting a bad review or even being noticeably left out of the critic’s observations, he is almost always positively singled out and given high praise. How does that happen? Silly question, when the answer is so obvious. Kieran is a one of a kind actor whose skills and talents match each role he is cast in – that is the answer.

Another answer is that Kieran is the kind of actor who comes very well prepared once he enters the theatre or movie set. He knows all of his lines (and many of the other players’ also) and what’s even more important is that he knows his character inside and out. He has been extensively trained at the University of Dublin (Ireland), and the University of California at Irvine, which he attended on a scholarship. Irvine is only a short drive to Los Angeles and Kieran takes full advantage of the proximity to continually hone his acting chops in theatre productions.

Kieran’s acting is powerful and compelling and that’s why the reviewers and the audience always notice him. “The ever brilliant Kieran Biggs also makes an appearance as egomaniacal young villain Darren.” Ever brilliant is the truth. I saw Dublin 47, the film that the reviewer was referring to and Kieran not only stood out but his presence on the screen was dominating and mesmerizing. Whenever he came into a scene we found that we were waiting for his character to do something unpredictable, which was acting at its best.

The critic who commented on Kieran’s performance in After Opium, was just as enamored of him as the reviewer of Dublin 47: “A young man, whose social and environmental context has left him unable to emerge ‘blinking and reborn’ into his authentic, gay identity. Instead, he directs his energies towards the sexual and psychological manipulation of women, resulting in the play’s violent crescendo. In his delivery, Kieran Biggs effortlessly moves between the charming and the psychopathic, the seductively roguish and the aggressively terrifying. He is a standout!”

Obviously, in the play After Opium, Kierans’ character was extremely complex and that’s what he seems to gravitate towards. Those unexplored, multi-dimensional roles are the ones he is so good at. But when you look at Kieran’s body of work you realize that even when the characters could have been played one dimensionally, Kieran has brought so much more to the role. He does this because that’s who he is – a multi-dimensional, very complex human being and we’re very happy to have the opportunity to watch this exciting actor whenever we get the chance.

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