3 Types of Live Entertainment for a Culture Night

There are so many cultures in this vast world, it’s nearly impossible to experience them all, especially those that are far away.

A great way to celebrate cultures other than your own is to host a culture night, bringing this unique perspective on the world and some of its people to a concentrated gathering.

Culture can be celebrated through food, music, dress, and activities. Much like any gathering, entertainment is an integral part for a memorable event.

These types of entertainers will not only energize the night and keep guests happy, but add a layer of authenticity to a night that celebrates one of the many diverse ways of living in the world.

Professional Singers

One way in which cultures set themselves apart is by the sound of the music the people of that culture produce. The sound itself can be influenced by ancestors as well as varying parts of the world.

Music is driven by passion and story, so many songs may also relay important narratives from the culture through their lyrics.

Latin singers are influenced by older Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese music. This music relies heavily on rhythms that are largely inspired by traditional African beats.

Asian singers and music center around flutes, pipes, drums, and stringed instruments. Even modern Asian music leans on these sounds for a foundation, but imbues a modern appeal through more electronic beats.

Caribbean music mixes African and European styles to produce sounds that revolve around guitar and percussion.

Professional Dancers

Dance is a universal language, one that tells the story of the culture it comes from.

Professional dancers embody their culture through their movements, as well as the way they dress. This visual representation of a culture adds yet another layer to any culture night.

Flamenco dancers perform in colorful dresses to the sounds of the Spanish guitar, punctuating the music with clapping or snapping.

The Dragon Dance is a celebratory dance in China where a team carries about a representation of a Chinese dragon, and the Bharata Natyam is a classical Indian dance in which hands and facial expressions are utilized to tell a story.

Incorporating dancers into an event is also a great way to get guests involved, as many dance troupes like to invite others to participate with them.

Art and Literature

Outside of music, art and literature are ways to express facets of a culture. We see this most often in museums and galleries.

Some cultures honor their people through storytelling. Find someone or a group who is available to tell authentic stories from the culture in the way in which they would be told throughout history. This might even be done in the native language.

Cultures create specific art, particularly when it comes to celebrations. Hire someone who is authentically trained in this type of art to do a live demonstration at your event.

You may even find someone who is willing to teach a small group, which will not only keep people entertained but give them something they are proud of to take home.

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