How you carry yourself is your identity. If you are out of fashion and do not follow the latest trends, you will surely be looked down upon or simply be ignored and no woman wants that. The right choice of fashion jewelry or costume jewelry not just enhances your entire outfit and look but also makes you feel more confident about yourself. With so many options available in the wholesale jewelry industry these days, you can find many gorgeous pieces at really affordable rates that would make you look highly elegant and sophisticated, but you may have doubts or make mistakes when choosing and wearing the jewelries from wholesale market. Following are some facts that you must bear in mind while choosing and wearing your fashion jewelry bought at wholesale rates to make your look beautiful every day.


If you are going for a formal party dressed up in a plain dress, make sure to glorify your look by adding some shining adornments. So wear a thick colourful statement necklace with a pair of studs or a delicate necklace with some chunky dangling earrings and some bracelets to look sizzling hot. The shining jewelry will easily make you look different and special than other girls and cast you to be the party center.


Wish to grab everyone’s attention towards your collar bones? Go for a gorgeous neckpiece. Whether you go for a delicate necklace with a gemstone pendant, a statement choker, multi chained necklace, or a thick beaded v-shaped long necklace, every piece has its own unique charm that will make you stand out in the crowd. These babies are a must for your outfit before you step out. Do choose the necklaces carefully to match with your dresses. Though it is easy to find multiple styles of fashion necklaces from various fashion jewelry wholesalers locally or online, you may destroy your appearance if your choice of necklaces is not wise enough. For example, wear slim and graceful neckpieces if you choose to dress in fair lady style clothing, but wear some chunky fashion ones if you wear casual or costume styles heading for a wild party or event.


Wearing rings always give a classy feeling. For a sexy look, wear the latest trending thick rings with huge dazzling stones that are worn by all our favourite fashion icons on almost every show. For a more elegant look, wear a delicate diamond or gemstone ring. Also, bear in mind that you should choose the ring styles according to your temperament and attire.

The hand cuffs are in huge fashion these days. With stunning designs and charms, these palm bracelets or cuffs beautify your hand in the most amazing way. Some hand cuffs are designed in punky fashions, so usually they are not good choices for wearing for office


There are various styles, shapes and designs of earrings that would match your outfit depending upon how you are dressing up. For example, if you’re going out on the streets for a casual afternoon then it is best to put on a pair of studs with a delicate necklace over a printed top and a pair of boyfriend shorts. For a formal night party or business dinner, jump into an elegant fitted dress and pair it up with dangling shiny earrings and a choker to focus over your face.  In most cases, the earrings will go with your face shape, so be aware of the fact and try the preferred earrings on to see if they are good match of your face shape and your whole style.


A set of bangles containing a beaded and a charmed bracelet look super sexy. These are a must for every outfit whether it’s a formal or a casual one. Pair your outfit with either a plain or adorned belt depending upon where you’re going and show off with your curves in an attractive manner. Wearing couple bracelets or friendship banglesare also a fashion nowadays, so if you are going to an occasion with your couple or your good friends, wearing the bracelets together will be a great choice.

Try pairing up different wholesale jewellery items with one another to create your own fashion statement but do not over accessorize yourself because you do not want to render yourself to be a jewelry sales display stand in front of others, so keep it light and see how you become a head turner wherever you go.

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