3 Tips For Selling Your Clothes Online 

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make money working from home, or maybe you’ve just got too many clothes than you know what to do with. There are many different reasons why you may decide to start selling clothing online. The great news is that there’s never been a better time to get started. 

More and more people love the convenience of buying clothing online and saving money by purchasing second-hand. However, it’s not as easy as creating a shop and achieving instant success. There are some important tips that are worth knowing before you dive in. Here are some of the best tips for selling clothes online to increase your chances of success.

Create a Storage System

Many people make the mistake of taking photographs of all of their clothing for sale and putting it back into their closet. Yet when the item sells they can’t seem to find the piece they need to send off. The most practical solution is creating a storage system that organizes all of the clothing you plan on selling. 

Have a closet dedicated only to your items for sale, or store them in the garage. Just make sure you don’t have a pest problem if you decide to store it in your garage, as it could affect the integrity of your clothing. Anything you post for sale that you claim is in good condition, should still be in good condition when it’s sent off to the buyer. 

Photos Matter

The way you photograph your items for sale will make a significant difference in how well they sell. Remember, medicine is important.  Rather than throwing a piece of clothing on your bed, and snapping a quick photo, consider putting more energy into it. Perhaps you could invest in a mannequin, or hang it up in a nicely lit window.

Make sure that everything is in focus and that the clothing looks flattering. Above all, make sure that it’s clean and ironed. Posting pictures of clothing which are wrinkled and stained won’t do you any favors.

Be Clear About The Description

One of the biggest causes of disputes for people trying to sell their items online is failing to include a clear description of what it is they’re selling.   Make sure that you include any important information like size, flaws, and of course what the item is, and what the brand is. The more information you can include in the description, the less likely it is that a buyer will come back to you with a dispute. Getting everything on the table upfront ensures that they know exactly what they’re buying, and you don’t risk refunds or bad reviews.

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