Big condo fashion launch there company with a 3 day fashion weekend which has been hailed a success.

The weekend consisted of 6 Designers, Five local to the northwest of England and one international from Spain. The weekend started on the Friday at The Unit Liverpool with light beverages and live entertainment with designers and stalls on show showcasing there latest designs to warm up for the main event.

The big condo fashion show took place at one of the hippest and fashionable venues in Liverpool city the Brookyln mixer to a sold out attendance of 140 people. The night started at 7 pm with Dionne Da Costa opening up the show to a very excited crowd, That would be followed by a performance from artist Emile Rachael. Eleep design from Spain took to the catwalk 2nd with a very unique style which was followed by a performance from Taylor Ashcroft who amazed the crowd. Jw Chic Couture graced the catwalk with there new elegant designs before Rapper Royzy Rothschild took to the stage to open up for the men’s fashion apparel Royal Flush as they walked all the latest exclusive designs and looks to wow the crowd, Followed by DJ Jade Jaxon with a small set of her R&B anthems.

OJ Jewels hit the runway with her special clothing made from chains and Jewels and the models worked them well. To finish the night Lolita took to the runway with her latest designs to shutdown the show followed by the super talented Janiece with her latest single and dancers for the final performance and the show was ended on networking, What a show.

The main show was followed by the Big Condo Fashion Show after Party held at the masonic bar in Liverpool to a night of entertainment and fashion and a special speech from Miss Liverpool Curve.

The whole weekend was something new for Liverpool fashion, Which will continue to get bigger and better. Go follow Big Condo fashion on Instagram and watch for the next show.

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