Overalls – The Most Comfortable and Stylish Piece for Summer 2018

How many times have you found yourself standing in front of your closet not knowing what to wear? Countless times, when too lazy to combine even two pieces together you have thought about how awesome it would be, to have this one-piece fashionable and comfortable “thing” to wear. Don’t despair, fashion as a “time traveling machine” almost always brings back trends from different periods and eras. This time, brought back from the 90s, already seen on every single fashion runway, chic and stylish yet comfortable, The overalls itself. This trend will take you straight to being a child and into your “memory lane”. Move with ease all day long without the need to compromise on your style.

Women all over the world already accepted this retro trend driven by the endless of options that the 90s overalls could be worn. Seen in daily everyday combination worn by fashionistas and simple practical women as much as during the night worn on semi-formal events and night-outs. The simple yet pragmatic design combined with the versatility of fabrics, patterns, and colors that you can find overalls in, makes the perfect piece for every season possible. No need to wear your old, boring and dull clothes when all you want to do is show your true fun personality and uniqueness.

Go wild with vivid colors

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and at the same time show your “funky” outgoing character, then this is the way. More appropriate for everyday occasions rather than the night ones, bright vivid colors and patterns are “the way to go”. Go wild and a bit crazy. Printed overall denim is a must-own piece for the spring/summer days. Easy on-easy off mantra, ready to go in minutes, will make overalls ultimately your favorite piece of clothing from your wardrobe. Flower printed denim overalls, in light and in a bit darker denim, will leave you looking feminine and stylish in an instant without being too flashy. White sneakers and white crop top will just make your overall outfit urban and street-ready, drawing just the right amount of attention will leave you feeling amazing and true to yourself. If you want to take this combination and rule it through the night, take your favorite black leather jacket making this combination even more cool and trendy. Cooler than your regular jeans but more comfortable and fun-looking.

Oversized cut to fit every woman possible

What is more, overalls are created with this oversized fit and flare cut suitable for every single woman. Fitted at the upper part and then flaring, the accent is set on the waistline, making you look slimmer and taller. Don’t even doubt it, you`ll fall in love with them and the way they fit you every single time you wear them.

Make it work for semi-formal occasions too

The beauty is, overalls are so versatile that you can combine them in semiformal occasions too. This time choose one-colored overall in neutral, beige, deep dark green or blue or even simple stripe pattern and add a patterned or bright colored blazer and pair of formal stiletto or wedges for the hot summer days. Complete the look with a multicolored and practical tote or bucket bag.

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