Stay Hip and Trendy Even on the Road!

Going to exotic places and getting amazing pictures has always been on people’s bucket list, but nowadays it has become a regular, yearly practice for a lot of young professionals. One thing which bothers most of us is the hassle of packing. What to pack, what to leave behind, checking the weight limit of luggage set by the airlines in the last minute- all these worrisome tasks get easier if you have some basic tricks up your sleeves. Today we bring to you the life-hack of staying trendy and fashionable while you are on the road!


Traveling shoes can be of two types- one, very colorful and trendy; two, basic but really comfortable. Your strategy should be to pack a pair of shoes which fall between these two types. A pair of fantastic looking shoes can glam up your outfit like magic. If the same pair can also provide solid support for your legs and spine then half your work regarding looking hip on the road is complete. Our suggestion is to try and invest a good amount of money in one pair of shoes, instead of buying lots of pairs and overloading your luggage.

Buy Local Clothes

Getting clothes from the local market is actually the most efficient way to be on top of your fashion game in today’s world. Local dresses always portray the characteristics of that area and they are usually cheaper than the brand new dresses you will buy from shopping malls back in home and most importantly, they are souvenirs in and of themselves. Wearing clothes like the local people will also let you connect with them in an intimate way. Most of the time, these dresses are made according to the comfort of the people who live in those areas, so your comfort zone will also be covered. Make sure to check out the prices of local designer dresses beforehand though, otherwise this plan can turn out to be counterproductive!

Pre-plan it

The first step of this strategy starts way before you start packing. Know your destination! Each tourist spot is different than the other in several ways. The weather, the color of the soil, the presence of rock, snow or water, the kind of activities you are going to do while you are there- you have to consider all of these factors to conjure the picture of yourself in your mind at the destination. What do you want to look like when you reach there? What will be your look throughout the routes? Visualize yourself, keeping all the details in your mind, and then pick your outfits.


Compromising comfort for style is a big no on the road. While it is true that you might not come back to the place you are visiting now and you want to look great for the whole length of your stay- you have to remember that life is not a movie. You cannot be Julia Roberts prancing around in a blood red gown and high stilettoes while on the road, it will be both impractical and futile to pack your bag solely like a runaway model. Change of weather and place often make people feel uncomfortable. You need to make sure that you have packed your basic clothing which will support your comforts, e.g. your running shoes, yoga pants and regular tank tops. You can buy these in solid colors, which you can pair with flashy counterparts which will make the whole outfit work.

The Special Dresses

Try to feature one or two special dresses during each of your trip. The trick behind this is, not all the spots in a trip are worth taking pictures in. There are some places where you just want to go to relax and enjoy. The special dresses, like a gorgeous maxi dress or a really cute color coordinated sundress can be the highlight of your trip pictures. The rest of the time, you can chill in your crop top and palazzo. And about the color combination, you might want to check out Pinterest and Instagram posts of people who have been to your destination before to figure out which colors you should pick.


The best friend of any stylish traveler is his or her accessories. Be it a colorful scarf, that shrug with sequins on it, a cute bag, a beautiful neckpiece, a cufflink, a special tie or even hats- accessories have the power to turn you into a diva even while wearing an ordinary dress. Pack lots of accessories, collect them over the years while thinking about your trip and buy more while you are on your trip! Get as much variation as you can in your outfits with the proper usage of accessories.

Travelling in style makes one’s travel experiences even more delightful. The fun is not only in wearing your outfits and accessories on the spot, establishing your own style little by little is just as exciting! We hope that these tricks help you enjoy your next trip better. Good luck.

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