An Interview With Joseph Duveen & Lodato

We were looking at some of your tour videos, you guys were playing with some big names on the bill, how was that experience?

Lodato: Really amazing considering you sit in the studio to make records that these guys play…. and then to performing side-by-side with them is truly an experience all in itself.

Duveen, we see that you play the guitar in your live shows. Do you have a favorite brand? What made you decide to incorporate guitar into a DJ set? 

Duveen: The first guitar I was gifted was a cheap Fender Strat and I stayed with that brand ever since. I have a few different models now which are of course better, but I still have that very first guitar in the collection. I actually just purchased a new one that Im having rebuilt into a one of a kind Robo-Synth guitar, that will be used in our routine in upcoming shows. The sounds this thing is going to make will blow your mind 🙂

 Lodato, we see you twisting knobs during the the set. Is that affecting the sound of the guitar at all?

Lodato: Yep Im effecting his guitar on the fly which adds a new aspect of performance to my set and Joe says he loves playing and hearing his guitar filter and delay etc when Im just free-styling. It definitely makes it more fun for the both of us. The routines are always evolving and we keep incorporating more ideas little by little.


   So you guys won Remix of the year at Miami Music Week, Did you have any idea you were going to win when you sat down to remix the Heathens- Twenty One Pilots record?

Duveen: Neither of us had a clue. We were amongst some heavy weight names… we were just grateful to be alongside them and didn’t really have expectations. The event was dope and we were amped to be in the building.

 Tell us about your official Clean bandit – Rockabye remix

Duveen: We did it unofficially at first. We will remix a track just because we like it and throw it out for promo. Our manager sent it in to Atlantic and they loved it. It’s now an official remix and Clean Bandit actually requested the stems to incorporate our version into their show which is hella mega dope. It’s a great song so it wasn’t hard to give it a new flavor. The Djs showed a lot of love to this one too. One of our favorites for sure. It just joined the 1 Million plus Spotify Club J

 So you guys just released a new record “Breathe Again” How is that doing? What is it about?

Duveen: Its doing great. It’s building momentum fast and hit #2 on the Beatport Top Dance 100 shortly after it’s release. We have a cool Sin City cinematography type video coming for it very soon. The song is dark and apprehensive yet hopeful. The concept is you’re lost on your journey and you need directions to get home. Whatever that means to you… however you can relate to it.

 Lodato, Tiesto – on my way remix? How did this one come about?   

Lodato:  Tiesto has been dropping a lot of my music for a while. Actually the last VASSY remix I did went #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Charts. For “On My Way” I was with Sikduo in the studio, hit Tiesto for the stems, and got right to work on it.

  Duveen,  Is there any one in particular you would like to write for? Or perform vocals on their track. 

Duveen: Writing – Rihanna hands down, Producer/DJ Id love to get my vocs on a Calvin Harris record.

 What should we expect from you guys in the future?

Lodato: More Collaborations with different artists and producers and look out for that “Breathe Again” music video coming at the end of the month!

Duveen: A Bajillion more songs. We plan on evolving but never straying away from making songs you can easily digest. We won’t get too avant-garde on ya.

10) Tell us your social media ?

Instagram: @DJLodato

FaceBook @DJLodato

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Instagram: @JosephDuveen

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Twitter @Joseph_Duveen

Breathe Again (Original Mix)

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